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Pit Stop

Tests your alcohol level so you know when it’s safe to drive. Features. Digital alcohol level test with audible alert.

  1. Digital alcohol level test with audible alert.
  2. Range: 0-0.19% BAC & 0-1.9g/l (or 0-0.95 mg/l BRAC).
  3. Quick result and quick reuse.
  4. Automatic switch off.
  5. Takes 2 “AAA” alkaline batteries. (not included).

  1. Press the Power key once: the device’s LCD screen lights up and you hear a beep.
  2. The display reads “Warm Up” and a countdown starts, from 10 to 1, while the device resets and gets ready for testing.
  3. Once reset is complete, the display reads “Blow” and at the same time shows the countdown from 10 to 1.
  4. Move so that you are 3-4 cm from the breathalyzer and breathe out normally for approx. 3-5 seconds.
  5. Read the test result on the display. Do not blow hard into the breathalyzer as this could damage the device or cause the display to steam up.
  6. If the reading is positive, the message “Caution” or “Danger” comes up on the display: from 0.02% BAC (or 0.2g/l) to 0.05% BAC (or 0.5g/l) Caution (you are under the limit)
from 0.05% BAC (or 0.5g/l) to 0.08% BAC (or 0.8g/l) Danger (you are over the limit).

The device gives the BAC* (BRAC) level as a guide only. The manufacturer assumes no legal responsibility for this: the reading is liable to variations depending on how other devices are calibrated. This device meets the requirements of the RoHS directive.
* BAC : Blood alcohol concentration.

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This device is RoHS compliant.
CE certified by IMQ Milan (Italy)


Small : 12 pcs. – Size : cm. 15 x 15 x 28h

Big : 144 pcs. – Size : cm. 40 x 40 x 140h