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Jungle Party®

Jungle Party® is the new series of car fragrance dispensers patented by H.D. Trading. A series of new air fresheners, fun fragrance dispensers, this time very much a visible feature in the car, designed for both women and men. The starting idea was as simple as it was brilliant. Instead of leaving it up to your classic clip-on bottles, scented trees or other hanging shapes to freshen the car interior, why not use a plastic strip that “disappears” inside the vent and doesn’t spoil the appearance of the dashboard? This is where the second idea sprang from. If you have to have something sticking out of the vent, why not personalize the visible end with a series of decorations in the shape of fun little animals or flowers? What we got was Jungle Party®: lady bugs, bees, lizards, frogs, four-leaf clovers, daisies, sunflowers and the must-have love heart. These are the only visible part, while the double stick inside has a strong hold on the vent’s blade, avoiding vibrations and annoying rattling.

Sample plug Jungle Party®

Eight charming designs matched with as many scents, carefully chosen from amongst the most popular options best suited to fragrancing car interiors. The special, eye-catching palm-shaped displays are a valuable and attractive merchandising tool and come in a 32-piece countertop version and 160-piece floor-standing version. The individual products come in equally attractive and very colourful blister packs. They feature an oversized picture of the design, allowing the purchaser to check the fragrance while illustrating how easily the device is installed. A classic impulse buy item just as likely to be purchased by fans of car fresheners as by people who’ve always avoided buying them because they were too noticeable: while hardly looking like air fresheners at all, they are highly effective nonetheless. What’s more, they don’t leave stains and don’t damage the car’s plastics.

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The Jungle Party® deodorants use only high quality fragrances that we choose the most reliable leading manufacturers in the market.

The product and the fragrances are certified MSDS – Ifra – Reach.

For a further guarantee of the consumer line Jungle Party® is registered by the Poison Center of Milan.


Small : 32 pcs. – Size : cm. 15 x 15 x 64h

Big : 160 pcs. – Size : cm. 40 x 40 x 165h