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Ghost Fresh®

GHOST FRESH® – Easy to install, difficult to see.
Ghost Fresh® changes the way of fresh scent ’s car. Ghost Fresh®, do not see it, feel it.

Ghost Fresh®, fresh air for your business.

Ghost Fresh® ,the new-concept car air freshener, different from all the rest because it’s invisible, different from all the rest because it doesn’t drip or move about, different from all the rest because it stays discreetly hidden in the car’s dash vent.
Simply remove it from its packet, place it in the air vent and immediately let your senses experience its subtle fragrances:

OCEAN: for anybody who loves the sea, a wave of freshness that washes over the car. This intense fragrance is ideal for banishing strong odours.

JASMINE: the subtlest of the fragrance options. 
Not just for women, this fragrance is designed for anyone who wants to enhance their car with a special, alluring atmosphere.

VANILLA: a new entry whose freshness will lend a decidedly different note to your car.

PINACOLADA: fizzy, unique, the new fragrance for anyone who wants to add a unique, youthful touch.

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Certifications: Ghost Fresh® deodorants use only high quality fragrances that we choose the most reliable leading manufacturers in the market. The product and the fragrances are certified MSDS – Ifra – Reach. For a further guarantee of the consumer line Ghost Fresh® is registered by the Poison Center of Milan.


Small – 48 pcs. – Size : cm. 14,50 x 38 x 28h

Big – 144 pcs – Size : cm. 65 x 140h