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Ghost Fresh®

Easy to install, difficult to see.
Ghost Fresh® changes the way of fresh
scent ’s car.
Ghost Fresh®, do not see it, feel it.
Ghost Fresh®, fresh air for your business.

Jungle Party®

Jungle Party®
is the new series of car fragrance dispensers patented by H.D. Trading.
A series of new air fresheners, fun fragrance dispensers, this time very much a visible feature in the car, designed for both women and men.

Pit Stop

Pit Stop
Tests your alcohol level so you know when
it’s safe to drive. Features.
Digital alcohol level test with audible alert.

Body Guard

Self-Defence Pepper Spray.
The pepper spray is a natural product and contains a maximum OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) concentration of 10%.

HD Trading

HD Trading,
Established in 2006, the young and dynamic HD Trading company immediately made a name for themselves in the car accessories market with a new fragrance dispenser.